19 November 2020

Peter Braendle, appointed CEO of Group Éléphant Vert

Éléphant Vert ‘s Board of Directors have announced the appointment of Dr. Peter Braendle as the new CEO of the Group, effective since November 18, 2020. He succeeds Sébastien Couasnet, founding director of the Group, who has decided to devote himself to a new professional project.
Peter Braendle therefore recently joined the Éléphant Vert in order to prepare for the transition as the head of the Group. The Board of Directors warmly thanks Sébastien Couasnet for his decisive role in building the company up for more than a decade and for making it a major player in the bio-inputs sector.

Eléphant Vert also announces the appointment of Mr. Ulrich Burkhard as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company. The latter warmly thanks Peter Stocker, previously President of the board, and Pierre Michaux, a previous member of the board also, for their contribution to the development of Éléphant Vert for many years.

Geneva / Paris, November 18, 2020 – The Board of Directors of Eléphant Vert announced today that it has appointed Dr Peter Braendle as the new CEO of the Group, effective November 18, 2020. Eléphant Vert also announces the appointment of Ulrich Burkhard as the new Chairman of the company. The Board of Directors thanks Peter Stocker and Pierre Michaux for their contributions over many years.

The new Chairman of the Éléphant Vert’s board, Ulrich Burkhard, says:

“We entrust Peter with the responsibility of writing an ambitious new chapter for Éléphant Vert, leading its activities and development with determination. With proven expertise in leadership roles in international companies, Peter will have the right leadership to continue the development of Éléphant Vert in a sector that continues to show strong growth throughout. It will further establish the place of Éléphant Vert as a leading player in the industry and strengthen its strategy as a pure player in the service of organic and sustainable farming ”.

Ulrich Burkhard continued: “The Board of Directors would like to thank Sébastien for his exceptional commitment and his driving role in the building of the Éléphant Vert over the past 10 years. From a simple and clear vision, Sébastien has built one of the main players in the bio-inputs sector in Europe and Africa. We thank him for the leadership he has exercised as CEO and director of Éléphant Vert, establishing the brand in key territories ”.

After his studies and a successful experience in consulting, Peter Braendle joined Weleda AG as Regional Director in 2011. He held various managerial positions there before taking the responsibility of the Western Europe and North America areas, including the Operational General Management of Weleda France. In 2018 Peter Braendle joined Midor AG, the leader in cookies, snacks and ice cream market in Switzerland, as CEO. In this role, Peter has been the driving force behind the portfolio’s innovation of the brand, by increasing its sustainability and international outlook, while significantly improving operational performance. Peter Braendle holds a PhD and an MSc in International Management from the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland). He is Co-Chairman of Chapter Zero Switzerland, the Swiss branch of the World Economic Forum’s Climate Governance Initiative.

Peter Braendle says: “I am very honored to have the opportunity to lead Éléphant Vert. This company has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, supported by the strength of its brand. I look forward to working with the management team, the Board of Directors and all the employees of Éléphant Vert to further strengthen this brand, and serve our customers in order to help with the development of a sustainable agriculture. “

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About Éléphant Vert
Created in 2012, Eléphant Vert develops innovative biosolutions to meet societal expectations of a healthy and sustainable farming sector. Our biosolutions, which combine products and services, promote soil fertility and regeneration, protect crops against diseases and pests and recover waste. As a partner for farmers, Eléphant Vert meets all farmers’ needs by improving the quality and sustainability of each production. Now established in Morocco, Mali, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Switzerland, Belgium and France, Éléphant Vert Group is continuously developing and marketing its offer in Africa and Europe.

19 November 2020

Peter Braendle, appointed CEO of Group Éléphant Vert

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