22 July 2021

2021, a very dynamic year

Since the arrival of Peter Braendle on November 18, 2020, Green Elephant has resolutely opened a new enthusiastic, ambitious chapter, placed under the sign of conquest and performance. Let's go back to the last 6 months when changes have affected all areas.

Revise the roadmap and relaunch growth!

The first project carried out by the Management Committee and the Board of Directors was to define the vision and strategy for 2030, reflected in the following key areas:

- Accelerate the development of innovation around biosolutions 

- Capitalize on historical strengths, namely the establishment in Africa, the alliance with Bio3G in Europe, alltogether to strengthen our presence in the field alongside farmers. 

- Optimize organizations. This is how EV concentrated its forces to effectively re-develop in West Africa, while optimizing support functions in order to provide all the tools necessary for the proper deployment of the strategy. 

The good results for the first half of the year confirm the correctness of these new orientations which will continue to be applied and developed in the coming months. The growth projects are numerous and will give Green Elephant real assets to be even more than yesterday a major player in the service of ecological transition.

A new management team totally dedicated to the implementation of this strategy

Peter Braendle is now surrounded by a small management committee made up of:

- France Thevenieau, Innovation & Products Director
- Aude Michel, Director of Transformation
- Jean- Marc Moulin, Africa & Export Director
- Omar Mammou, Chief Financial Officer

This small team also allows Green Elephant to gain in consistency, efficiency and agility, essential assets to create lasting value.

From left to right, Omar Mammou, Aude Michel, Peter Braendle, France Thevenieau, Jean-Marc Moulin.

22 July 2021

2021, a very dynamic year

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