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Crop description

Ivory Coast:

1st world producer of cocoa beans, 40% of world production

Productive areas:

> 2.500.000 ha

Export markets:

Europe, United States mainly

Production mode:

cocoa orchards, in forest areas, small, extensive and family farms

Mainly cultivated in the regions:

from the center-west of the country

Focus on a major cocoa issue in Côte d’Ivoire: the fight against deforestation


Ivory Coast seeks to fight against the destruction of its primary forests, which sometimes leads to cocoa plantations.


This deforestation leads to a disruption of the tropical ecosystem, accentuates the effect of climate change, delays and reduces the rainy season. It jeopardizes the conditions conducive to cocoa production in the country.


Increase the productivity and profitability of existing plantations to stop the expansion and preserve the still existing forests, via:

  • The establishment of agroforestry systems combining forest, cocoa and food crops
  • The transition to organic or ecological cropping systems to better enhance production
  • The use of organic fertilizers, biostimulants and biocontrol products that aim to increase crop yield, as well as the producer’s margin while preserving the environment and the health of populations



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