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Bedel Virginie

Wine-grower in Charly-Sur-Marne

Virginie Bedel is our client for several years and a convinced user of our biosolutions, and especially our biostimulant Xurian Vine.

« Our vines have regained strength, without having to load lots of chemicals »

Traoré Bourama

Malian rice producer

Producteur de riz à Baguinéda, Bourama Traoré a utilisé FERTINOVA et OVALIS dans une partie de son champs pour comparer avec sa pratique traditionnelle. Il a ainsi constaté des différences à plusieurs niveaux : les racines sont plus développées, les plants sont plus grands avec plus de tiges. Les rendements aussi sont plus importants car les grains sont plus lourds.

« J'ai utilisé FERTINOVA et OVALIS dans ma parcelle de riz et le résultat est frappant ! »

Niang Madiakhaté

Senegalese farmer

Madiakhaté Niang, is one of our customers since his transition to organic farming. He is completely satisfied about our biosolutions including our Xurian Vegetable biostimulant.

« Beyond the yields obtained, the harvested potatoes were more resistant. So satisfied, my colleagues are determined to abandon the chemicals. »

Sanogo Karim

Malian Corn producer

I am a corn producer in the Sikasso region. For years, some of my field made me despair. Whenever I sowed corn, it didn't take. But once I used their organic fertilizer, the result was exceptional. Really their product is very good.

« I had a field that gave nothing for years, but since I have been using Éléphant Vert's products I noticed an impressive result. »

Traoré Niamoye

Malian farmer and Agricultural processor

As a professional, I am impressed by FERTINOVA's effect. In general, when you buy peppers from producers, you find a lot of worms inside. But with Éléphant Vert's products we realize that conservation is improved.

« I ask all my vegetable suppliers to use Éléphant Vert's products, otherwise I don't buy their harvest »

Elyoussfi Hamid

Moroccan farmer

Hamid Elyoussfi is a corn producer in the district of El Jadida. As a client, he is convinced about the effectiveness of our biostimulant OVALIS on corn fields.

« The Éléphant Vert biostimulant allowed the plant to have better resistance and to compensate for the lack of phosphorus. I highly recommend it! »

Selmani Omar

Moroccan farmer

Omar Selmani is a vegetable farmer in Oualidia, convinced about the effectiveness of our products on his tomato, bell peper and cucumber crops.

« The Éléphant Vert' product i work with is FERTINOVA K + 2-2-8 because it gave better results compared to the fertilizer we used before. I highly recommend it to farmers because its effectiveness is proven! »

Zidane Mohammed

Moroccan farmer

Mohammed Zidane is a vegetable farmer in the province of El Jadida, convinced about the effectiveness of our products on his crops.

« This is the first time I use FERTINOVA 2-2-8. Initially intended for potatoes, I will also apply it for tomatoes. I highly recommend it because it improves yield while reducing the labor cost. »

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