Our identity

Committed, responsible and humanist

Act for a fairer world!

Efficient and accessible biosolutions for farmers
A global biosolutions offer for farmers available in Africa (North, East and West) and in Europe: Éléphant Vert provides organic fertilizers and amendments, biostimulants and biocontrol products promoting fertility and soil regeneration, protect crops against diseases and pests and enhance waste.

The benefits of Éléphant Vert Bioinputs

  • Usable in organic farming
  • Sustainability
  • No environmental impact
  • Yield performance
  • Price competitiveness

What we stand for: our 4 values

Éléphant Vert is acting and fighting for a fairer world: a world where farmers live decently from the benefits of their labor, a world in which healthy food for everyone and everywhere is possible.


Éléphant Vert drives a dynamic firmly committed to the future of agricultural soils, the planet and its inhabitants. This singular actor who dares to believe in the future, embodies a current and rising trend. A key battle that we want to encourage and support because it makes sense and it creates the future.


Éléphant Vert is a pioneer in its field, effectively anticipates agricultural issues by providing efficient and innovative biosolutions. A company in tireless quest for a bright future good for the soils, the planet and its inhabitants. Always one step ahead!


Éléphant Vert is growing fast but well by delivering tangible action and effective responses. The performance promise is kept thanks to a reactive team committed to serve customers, partners and the agricultural world as a whole.

Ethics & Humanism

A united and committed team that places people at the heart of thought and action. Who does what it says and says what it does with humility, not arrogance nor triumphalist speech. Close to agricultural audiences, Éléphant Vert supports them with determination and empathy. The "soft leadership" of the future.

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Innovative and committed since 2012

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Scientific expertise, field experience

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From Europe to Africa

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