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Fertilizers and amendments

Improve soil capital and increase yields

This range includes two categories: soil amendments and organic fertilizers. Rich in stable organic matter, the Organova amendments improve soil structure, nutrient availability for plant and soil biological activity. They are produced according to a characterized composting process which guarantees healthy and quality products. Fertinova fertilizers provide the soil with the elements necessary for plant nutrition (NPK and other elements). These elements have an exclusively organic or natural origin. The formulations are tailored to the specific needs of crops.

Discover our products Fertilizers and amendments


Support services

Quality expertise to support you

Éléphant Vert services range aims to support farmers in agronomic analysis of crops, analysis of water and soil microbiology, control of chemical residues on crops as well as environmental analysis to improve sustainability and quality of crops. This range also offers training tools to support the farmer throughout his cultural itinerary.

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Biostimulants and deficiency correctors

Increase yields and plant quality

Elephant Vert's Novastim range includes two categories: biostimulants and deficiency correctors. Biostimulants contain concentrated active ingredients (natural substances and / or microorganisms) applied to the soil, the rhizosphere, plants or phyllosphere in order to stimulate natural processes to improve soil quality, nutrients absorption, abiotic stress tolerance and crop quality. Deficiency correctors contain concentrated active ingredients which supplement the nutrition of the soil and the plant to correct a specific deficiency.

Discover our products Biostimulants and deficiency correctors



Protect crops and secure incomes

Éléphant Vert's Novaprotect range provides crop protection products based on the use of micro-organisms, macro-organisms, pheromones or natural substances. Used alone or in combination, these different techniques effectively fight against plant diseases and pests.

Discover our products Biocontrol

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