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We believe that sustainable agriculture is an incredible means to a successful ecological transition.

In addition, solving the challenges of agriculture in a sustainable way and acting for future generations are the issues at the heart of the Éléphant Vert brand.

To find out more about our vision, the convictions of our Managing Director Peter Brändle or to view our manifesto, please visit this page.


“Since its creation, the Éléphant Vert Group has been committed to developing its human capital, an essential component in fulfilling its mission in an optimal and sustainable manner.”

Equality, diversity and training are the pillars that Éléphant Vert has installed in all its subsidiaries in Europe and Africa.
As an international group, in constant evolution, our teams are committed to undertaking and developing the company in its missions.
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Key Figures

Over the past 10 years, Éléphant Vert has developed its financial, human, R&D and commercial assets. We have chosen the most evocative indicators to share our challenges, our targets and our successes.


Éléphant Vert has managed to combine a solid structure with a board of directors who are involved and experts in their field, being a small and passionate management committee and subsidiary managers with a strong sense of results.

Discover the men and women who work daily with their teams to ensure the development and sustainability of Elephant Vert.


Éléphant Vert was created in 2012 in Africa from the conviction that a new sustainable agricultural model was possible. Since then, the group has been developing in Africa, Europe and around the world. Acquisitions, integrations, r&d, production sites etc. Take a look at the key moments of these 10 years in pictures.

Our sustainable commitments

Since its creation, Éléphant Vert has been committed to ecological transition.
Concerned in the 17 commitments of sustainable development written by the UN, Éléphant Vert answers to 12 of them.
See here the concrete evidence in support of this.

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