Field crops

Present throughout the world, as a local food crop, for human consumption, for livestock or for export, they are the object of particular attention in the Éléphant Vert offer.

Corn, wheat, barley, millet, rice, flax. The market is now evolving towards an organic offer. Our biosolutions are UAB compatible.


In constant evolution, arboriculture is a sector of the future. Research is focused on varieties that are becoming more and more tasty, among other things.

Being a complex sector, and demanding a strong knowledge of agronomy often requiring seasonal workers, Elephant Vert’s products are designed to facilitate the cultivation of different varieties.

Market gardening

Vegetable crops occupy different spaces depending on the geography and the seasons: vegetable crops, greenhouses or fields.

Consumer demand is growing, and Elephant Vert is working to provide solutions for the expansion of these crops.

Tropical Crops

Because of its presence in Africa, Elephant Vert has developed an expertise in tropical crops, whether to improve yields or protect crops.

Among them, Elephant Vert is particularly present in cotton, mango, cocoa, manioc etc.


Established in Kenya and Morocco, Elephant Vert offers a range of products particularly adapted to roses.


Present throughout the world, it is cultivated mainly for fruit or for wine. vines are one of the oldest plants and today, cover 7.3 million hectares.ines are one of the oldest plants and today, cover 7.3 million hectares.

Viticulture is constantly evolving, adapting to climatic challenges and to the growing consumer demand for organically produced wines. Éléphant Vert is examining its offer to meet these needs.

Good practices in sustainable agriculture

Practicing sustainable agriculture requires a number of new actions and reflexes to preserve the land and the environment.

Éléphant Vert has listed here the essential good practices that complement the use of its biosolutions.

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