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Production capacity
100000 t/year

A word from Franck Le Bris

General Manager EV Ivory Coast

Our vision is to contribute to the development of a healthy and sustainable agriculture in the Ivory Coast All our organic fertilizers are manufactured locally from carefully selected raw materials and are certified by Ecocert. Our biostimulants and biocontrol products, reflecting Elephant Vert’s know-how, complete our fertilizers to form an entirely organic package. We also care about our customers Every year, we provide training in the proper application of our products to the management staff of our major accounts and to growers

Industrial facilities

Being that head office is located in Abidjan and integrates all the support functions and the management teams, EV Ivory Coast has an industrial site specialized in soil amendments.

Located in Adzopé, this industrial site is formerly named Biofertil covers an area of 4 hectares With a production capacity of 50,000 T/year, it is specialized in the manufacture f organic soil improvers, in particular the products of the EV Organova and Fertinova range. The products are delivered throughout the country as well as in Burkina Faso in bulk,big bags or packages, and the raw materials, whether of animal or vegetable origin, are 100% local

Organization et governance

The EV Ivory Coast team is composed of 6 departments, 3 of which are dedicated to commercial development, a major challenge for EV in Ivory Coast In a spirit of efficiency and proximity, the country is divided into 3 large commercial zones, each managed by sales manager. The rest of the structure is composed of support functions with an administrative manager, an HR manager, a logistic and supply chain manager and a chief accountant.

Versatility and taste for challenge are the qualities that characterize this small and close-knit team.

Our locations

EV Ivory Coast
Filiale commerciale
EV Ivory Coast
Site industriel engrais et amendements organiques
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Siège social
Filiale commerciale
EV Ivory Coast
COCODY 2 Plateaux Angré 7è Tranche Imb. Saphir Center - 27 BP 813 Abidjan
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Site industriel engrais et amendements organiques
EV Ivory Coast

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