Application Manager

"Building a support service close to the users using modern and evolving tools”

In an ever-changing global context, information technology is becoming a key factor in our ability to adapt and perform better. This is the meaning I give to my job: To accompany EV in its development by being able to respond to the constraints imposed by the market, by creating optimal solutions for business applications; by making relevant data available to help in strategic decision-making. It is these daily challenges, team projects, and permanent questioning that stimulates and nourishes me.

Our mission:

We are committed to implementing an agile and efficient IT policy to support the company’s growth and to ensure that our information systems evolve in line with the Group’s.

Our role is to:

  • Define and deploy the IT policy to achieve the company’s performance objectives.
  • Define and implement the IT security policy.
  • Guarantee the operationality and security of the IT system.
  • Ensure the adequacy between the needs of our internal users, the strategy and necessary tools.
  • Manage technological developments.
  • Evaluate and recommend IT investments corresponding to the business needs expressed, taking into account their effectiveness and risk control.
  • Define and manage the budget.
  • Design an optimal organization of the company’s information flows.
  • Ensure technological monitoring.

Do you have these skills?

  • Broad knowledge of information systems and their evolution
  • Knowledge of applications and technologies used in the company (Office, Sage X3…), of the main computer languages and operating systems
  • Mastery of security standards and current global security risks
  • Good knowledge of the subcontracting market: editors, IT services companies, consulting firms etc. as well as management of subcontractor relationships
  • Basic knowledge of finance and management control, manage the IT budget and promote dialogue with the finance department
  • Mastery of multi-project management methodologies

Our different job divisions

  • Director of Information Systems
  • Division Manager (Operations / Application)
  • Developer
  • IT Project Manager
  • Support Manager
  • System and Network Administrator