EV France donates its aging computer equipment

We are proud to announce that our company, Elephant Vert France, recently donated its aging equipment, which was used in our former Serris (France) datacenter, to the “Lycée Public Simone Veil de Noisiel”. This action is part of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and aims to support the digital education of students in computer science BTS.

Since our migration to public cloud datacenters, our old datacenter is no longer in production and has been transformed into a simple computer room. However, we are aware that the material from which we separated may still be useful in other educational contexts. We chose to give it to this public high school, where it will enhance the practical work of computer science students.Cabinets, servers, and IP phones are part of this donation that have been carefully chosen for their educational potential. By using this material in their practical work, students will have a concrete experience of technology and will be able to familiarize themselves with the computer systems used in the professional world. This will allow them to effectively prepare for their future careers and strengthen their computer skills.

By taking this action, we aim to strengthen our CSR commitment and demonstrate our willingness to actively contribute to society. As a player in sustainable agriculture, we are committed to promoting more responsible practices in all areas, including outside our specific sector. We believe that knowledge transfer and support for education play a key role in building a better future.

This donation of material to a school is one more step in our journey towards ecological transition. This initiative as part of our CSR approach is a step and we will continue to support similar initiatives in the future, as we firmly believe in the importance of doing our part to shape a better future, for present and future generations.

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