GrowTogether: Focus on Cyril, Industrial Fermentation Engineer at LipofabrikOpen Days 2023 Meknes, Morocco

Can you describe your job to us?

My job is to place living micro-organisms in the best possible conditions so that they can produce as many molecules as possible that we can then use.

I appreciate this job because it is varied, allows me to reflect every day to face new challenges, and allows me, at my level, to help preserve the planet and its resources.

What made you want to join EV?

What made me want to join EV and more specifically its R&D entity Lipofabrik is the ethics and humanism that the group demonstrates. This gives me the opportunity to exercise a profession that I have loved for 12 years, which is fermentation, and to put my skills at the service of a company with human values. Furthermore, the Lipofabrik site is booming, which suggests many interesting prospects for the future.

How do you feel after these few months?

Exactly what I imagined!

Can you explain this choice?

After being contacted by EV during my recruitment, I was able to find out about the Group and the Lipofabrik entity. The information was easily accessible on the internet. The offer that was described and sent to me was clear. In addition, I was able to come on site several times during my recruitment process, which allowed me to visit the premises and discuss with some of the staff. I was therefore able to easily get an idea of ​​the missions and the work environment even before my arrival.

Now that you know us better, if you had three things to say to introduce EV to your friends, your former colleagues, people who would like to join us, what would you say?

The work at EV and Lipofabrik is interesting and varied. The team is attentive, united, with mutual aid. The management is human and accessible. All this is a good choice to join these entities.

And a word to conclude?

I am happy to have joined Lipofabrik and EV and absolutely do not regret my choice!

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